Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hydrosana Detox

(Hydrosana Detox Foot Spa)

Simple design, patented product. Patent number: 2008301019689

Product Description
Hydrosana Detox Foot SPA

Water is resolved into a large amount of energy ion through ion cleanse device (positive and negative), make internal cell vigor strengthen, promote various enzymes live. Improve the human body organ circulating function., accelerate metabolism, make the human body get well gradually. Through the color that demonstrates, you can understand one's own health.

Products function

1. Improve ability of cleansing body;
2. Relieve the burden of the body organ;
3. Promote metabolism and blood circulation. Improve metabolism reinforce immunity remove inferior health.
4. Increase the vigor of cells;
5. Improve the sleep effectively
6. Purely water reaction without any side effect safe and effective.
7. Deeply protection inner and outer detoxify kinds of toxins and virus effectively.
8. Reduce blood sugar balance blood fat and pressure alleviate gout rheumatism and injuries.
9. Moderate the incretion system balance the pH and keep your body systems in working order.

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 100--250V
Power: 15W
Retail box size: 48*40*20cm
Carton size: 51*42*62cm
N. W: 9kg
G. W: 10.5kg

RM 550 / unit only!!! Market Price is around RM900 to RM3000 !!! Check it yourself!!!


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